Securities law

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  • Initial public offering

  • Drafting of corporate documents relating to the initial public offering and to capital increase and generally to issuance of securities
  • Reviewing and negotiation of security and investment agreements
  • Drafting and reviewing of prospectuses (information memorandum, reference materials and offering circular)
  • Cases monitoring with the AMF in consultation with the bank involved
  • Schedules of initial public offering and capital increase
  • Drafting and negotiation of shareholder agreements « acting jointly » or not
  • Acquisition and sale of blocks of shares

  • Implementation and monitoring of public tenders procedures
  • Drafting of briefing notes and memoranda in response
  • Drafting of information notes concerning the characteristics of the initiator and of the target
  • Cases monitoring with the AMF
  • Preparation of schedules, etc.
  • Monitoring of legal affairs and transactions of listed companies

  • Acquisitions, sales, partnerships, internal restructuration
  • Corporate life
  • Implementation of stock options and free shares allocation plans
  • Preparation and organization of annual general meetings and drafting of reference materials, etc.