The Firm

Our firm was born from the encounter of partners with different backgrounds and experiences but complementary, all having previously practiced in famous Parisian firms.

Our French law firm combines professionals specialized in all areas of business law and employment law and thus offers a full range of legal for companies and their directors.

Working closely with our clients, we assist them in managing their daily problems by standing by them for all legal issues regulating the life of their company as well as on the definition and the implementation of their strategic choices in the short, medium or long term.

By a combined practice of counseling and litigation, our teams, experienced and multidisciplinary, offer pragmatic solutions combining legal and economic requirements.
Our teams combine experience and working methods of the large law firms they come from with the responsiveness and the proximity of a human scale firm, reinforced by the strong involvement of the partners in each case.

Our values

  • Availability
    and responsiveness

    Because our clients need clear-cut answers to make strategic and often urgent decisions, our firm is committed to combine availability and timely action and response.

  • Knowledge
    of companies

    Counsel and partner of companies and entrepreneurs for many years, our firm defends an economic and comprehensive approach to legal issues, caught up with the financial and human dimensions of companies.

  • Transversality

    Each of our clients enjoys the benefit of all the resources of the firm’s network in all legal disciplines. Depending on the needs of each case, our firm establishes transverse and multidisciplinary teams handling the cases in their entirety.

  • Cost control

    Financial predictability is crucial for companies. Our firm is committed to optimizing the legal expenditures of our clients by offering them a tariff policy adjusted to their needs.


Support, consulting, drafting of legal deeds and representation fees are agreed with our clients based on :

  • Either invoicing for time spent on the basis of an hourly rate depending on the material, the difficulty of the case or the specialization of the lawyer handling the case.
  • Either a flat rate
  • Or a periodic subscription

We endeavor, for every client’s demand and in particular for any important mission in term of duration, to propose and conclude a prior fee agreement to any intervention.